Track 9 km

The 9 km track of Vajont’s walk starts from the Campelli’s bridge (Ponte Campelli): the track crosses the village of Dogna passes through the Vajont’s cleft, following the left orographical on the ancient street Colombèr, that for decades,it was the communication street between Piave’s valley and Valcellina, reaching the ENEL plants and gallery in front of the dam.

At this point the track crossing the Vajont’s cleft on the “tube bridge” to exit again into Piave’s valley. This section of the track is forbidden for  the public: it’s service accesses of ENEL propriety, that on the “I percorsi della memoria” occasion, gives specific authorization.

From here the 9 km  track goes down again towards the valley, through the abandoned marble mine in locality Pascoli and the center of Codissago, and arrive at the finish line by the sporting structure of Longarone.

In recent years the organization is hocked for making this track accessible also to strollers and prams.  The route is then suitable for family with little kids and for people who have  physics disability.


Difference in height
185 m
9 km
9:30 am