“I Percorsi della Memoria” arise from the intuition of the association “Vajont, il futuro della memoria” that along the years has been able to assemble around this event practically all the voluntary world and the cooperation world of the territory. In fact, we must underline how this date, able to attract thousands of people from Italy and abroad, support exclusively on the strength made available by the local voluntary.

In the last editions, more than 150 volunteer integrate in the civil protection structure deploy on the blueprint§ In whole, are around fifty the institution involved in the event, between public corporation, associations and civil protection groups, sport and volunteer associations and groups.

To consolidate further the bond with the territory, from 2015, by the side of the association “Vajont, il futuro della memoria”, collaborated on “I Percorsi della Memoria” also the Fondation Vajont, as an operational tool of the administration of the three municipalities most effected by the disaster of October 9th, 1963.

Public Entities

Comune di Erto e Casso – Parco delle Dolomiti Friulane – Comune di Vajont – Longarone Fiere – Prefettura di Belluno – Carabinieri di Cimolais – Prefettura di Pordenone – Carabinieri di Longarone – Questura di Belluno – Vigili urbani di Erto e Casso, Cimolais – Unione Montana Cadore, Longaronese Zoldo – Vigili urbani di Longarone – Enel

Associations and Civil Protection Groups

Cordination of protection civil and Montana union Cadore, Longaronese and Zoldo – Protection civil of Erto and Casso – CAI (Italian Alpine Club) of Longarone – CAI of Claut – Association national of Carabinieri of Maniago and Pordenone – ANA (National Alpine Association) of Castellavazzo and Ospitale – fire fighters of Longarone – ANA of Longarone – ANA group of Ponte nelle Alpi and Soverzene – volunteer group of protection civil and Longarone – Volunteer and protection civil national Carabinieri of Belluno – Alpine rescue of Longarone – Alpine rescue Valcellina – Valbelluna Emergency

Associations and Sports Groups and voluntary

ABVS (association Bellunese donors of blood) “Attilio Marogna” – ACF (Football association girls) Longarone – ACD (Amateur Football Association) Longarone – Association Fotoscriba – Association Pietra e Scalpellini of Castellavazzo – Association Verde Verticale – Athletics group of Longarone – committee “pro Friday saint” of Erto – Grouo “insieme per Cas” – Reserve of hunt of Erto and Casso – Group “togheter it’s possible” of Longarone – Goup “ Boys of the Pilon” – Group young people of Longarone – Group Laebactes – Group volunteer Igne – Pro loco of Longarone – Pro loco of Erto and Casso – Pro Loco of Vajont – Memory informants for Vajont