What are the paths of memory


The “Percorsi della Memoria”, this year in it’s 13th edition, is a non-competitive footrace. It was conceived by the “Vajont, il futuro della Memoria” Association to promote awarness and memory of the october 9th 1963 disaster.

It is also known as the Vajont Footrace: it stretches along the roads interrupted or partally destroyed in the Vajont disaster, which connected the Piave Valley to the Cellina Valley (Valcellina), and ancient trails that have been for centuries the footpaths for the people of Casso,Erto, Castellavazzo and Longarone.

This event, which takes place every year on the last Sunday in September and draws thousands of people from all over Italy, is an evocative step back in time that allows visitors to access places which are normally closed to the public.