Track 25 km

The initial stretch of 25 km of the route is identical to the circuit of 17 km. So it starts from the center of Longarone to go down towards the river Piave, go through Doortofoto-percorso-25kmgna and reach the Vajont valley. The approach to the dam takes participants to walk on the “tube-bridge” (ponte-tubo) and, after passing through the open gallery, to cross the entire of span the dam crest.

Once you reach the summit of the landslide the 25 km track separates from the 17 km track: the longest route follows  the pathway crossing the landslide for its entire length to reach the place “ Le Spesse” and the historical center of Erto.

The route continues up to reach the “Trui dal Sciarbon”, the pathway the ancient villages of Erto and Casso, to be reunited with the 17 km track just before Casso and finally finish downhill towards the valley.


Difference in height
610 m
25 km
9.00 am